Release Note 2021-12-20

New version – December 2021

A new version of AGORA V3 will be released the week of the 20th of December 2021.

AGORA V3 will be updated automatically when it is started.

New features / Improvements

Repair follow-up: addition of a graphic representation of the progress of repairs

In the repair files,our teams have worked on a graphic representation of the stages of the files in order to facilitate management and follow-up.

This new representation proposes a chronological approach to the different stages of an intervention at the client’s home. It will guide the user to the next steps of his file which are identified thanks to colors and graphic elements. Red indicates an action on your part, orange indicates a pending action, green indicates a completed action and no further actions expected at that time, blue indicates that the step is entirely completed.

By default, the status codes will be displayed using the new display but you can easily switch between them using the settings at the top right of the status section. The choice of settings is memorized and will be applied by default when opening other repair files, this choice can be changed at any time.

When the file is created, the card for the first appointment is positioned directly:

Then the card is updated as soon as the appointment is scheduled:

Once the appointment is over and if parts have been ordered, then the system positions a second appointment card:

When the file is closed, we reach the final stage of the repair:


Ergonomics: a wider choice of themes

To allow our users to choose a theme (set of colors of the application) that best suits their needs (brightness, eye fatigue, …), we introduced a feature to easily change the colors of the application from a list of predefined choices. In this first version, we introduce a French Riviera theme (based on a lighter blue). In future releases, we will continue to add new themes.

You can easily change the theme from the display part of the menu:

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