Release Note 2022-05-22

New version – May 2022

A new version of AGORA V3 will be released the week of the 23rd of May 2022.

AGORA V3 will be updated automatically when it is started.


New features / Improvements

Improved performance

This release is an opportunity for us to present the first step in our process of improving the performance of Agora.

You will notice an improvement in the speed at which tabs open and forms are displayed.

In future releases we will continue to work on these elements to make your experience even better.


Start of the display redesign

In this version we have started the redesign of the display to make it more convenient:

  • Redesign of the sidebar (Item 1)
  • Redesign of the tabs display (Item 2)
  • Redesign of the display of table rows (Item 3)

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