New version – January 2020

Next week, a new version of Agora Plus V3 will be deployed. You will discover new features as well as improvements to existing features. The customers who already use Agora Plus V3 will be updated automatically.

New + Improved

Please note that some screens may differ depending on your country and the manufacturer you are working with.

Warranty report

This feature will only be available to customers currently using warranty reports.

The color of the banner at the top of warranty reports has been changed to better differentiate work orders, repair files and warranty reports.

Work Order:

Repair file:

Warranty report:

A link from the warranty report allows direct access to the repair file.

Call date display

The call date is an important piece of information that was not sufficiently highlighted or displayed consistently throughout the application. It is now present in the screens: Work order, Repair file and Warranty report.

Printing order details

During the ordering process we have improved the printing of the order details for which all the information present on the order is displayed.


Exports Excel

The Excel export of the basket takes into account the filters / searches that are applied to the basket. All the information displayed in the basket is included in the export.

Copy order lines to the basket

The functionality for copying the selection has been stabilized.

Coming Next

The deployment of Agora Plus V3 is accelerating in all the countries covered. We are currently working on the migration of all the functionalities present on Agora Plus V2 into V3. Our goal is to migrate all of our users to V3 by mid 2020.

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