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New version – May 2021

A new version of Agoraplus V3 will be delivered on Monday 24 May 2021.

You will find improvements and new functionality for notifications and tracking of repair files.

The update of Agoraplus V3 will be done automatically when you open the application

New features / Improvements

Notifications and tracking of repair files.

This feature will be deployed initially for French users.

It will be implemented later for other countries.

With the tracking feature, the partner service will be able to activate or desactivate a notification. This notification will be sent by email to the consumer when the device is picked up.

The email sent to the consumer will contain a link that will allow the customer to track the progress of the repair.

Package tracking

Resumption of this functionality and correction of anomalies.

Repair file and warranty report

Addition of the date of return on the repair files and on the warranty reports for Small Household Appliances at the request of a manufacturer.

What is to come in the next versions.

Improvement of the management of the follow-up of repair files.

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