New version – January/February 2021

AgoraPlus is now used by more than 7,000 companies worldwide. To meet the needs of our users while stabilising their use, we decided to launch a Beta programme, delivered every six weeks and about three weeks in advance of a production release.

Next week the first beta version of AgoraPlus will be deployed with new features and fixes.

Customers wishing to access this beta will be able to download it from the Download tab.

New + Improved

A technician will take charge of the repair file.

Addition of the technician in charge of the file in the AgoraPlus repair files. As a reminder you can already create profiles and accounts depending on your main AgoraPlus account. This function will simplify your management of repair files.

Parameters of the table columns

You can now select the columns to be displayed in the tables. The tables concerned are the search screens for refund or exchange requests, work order, repairs files and warranty reports.

It is possible to add columns to the table, delete columns, or change the order in which they are displayed.

Global search

This function allows you to perform a global search on the main modules of the application.

Mass transformation

We have optimised the transformation into mass orders of parts from the repair files . Our new file upload module can now handle thousands of lines without any problems.

Access to the training modules

Access to ‘Contacts’ ?

Addition in the menu bar of direct access to training modules (only for the countries concerned), as well as manufacturers’ contact details ‘Help/ Contacts?’. (France)

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts give access to the main features of AgoraPlus, such as ‘New warranty report’, ‘New refund or exchange request’ and other navigation shortcuts.

Details will be available in the user guide. This function will be supplemented by new shortcuts as new versions are released.


The only notable correction concerns the removal of the refund or exchange requests.

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