Some like to change, we prefer to improve!

At Agora Sas, we do not believe in new year’s resolutions, because we wish to get better every day. This year is kind of an exception though. Many great and exciting projects will take place in 2019. So to wish you the best of next year, let me reveal to you a bit of things to come

Expanding our community

You probably saw it on the front page. The Tradeplace After Sales Marketplace (ASM) customers will join AGORA PLUS in 2019. This is exciting as we create together one of the largest community in the After Sales business for appliances.

Releasing a new version of AGORA PLUS

We decided that it was time to release a better version of AGORA PLUS, deemed v3. With the many functions added to AGORA PLUS over the years, we need to provide you with a better, faster, more clear interface. V3 will be released outside of France at the end of January and everywhere throughout 2019.

Google My Business

Throughout 2019, we will deploy all over Europe directories of repair partners, directly connected to Google My Business. You will be able to manage both Google and those sites directly from your AGORA PLUS account.

Warranty over the counter

We have released a great website to sort out the warranty claims when a consumer comes over the counter. We will tell you all about it in 2019.

To conclude let me wish you happy holidays and New year. For us, 2019 will be a great one!

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