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AGORA customer service: a Team of Talents

AGORA Customer ServiceAGORA works at the heart of the relations between the various After-Sales service players. Thousands of users worldwide, a vast range of products and a strong technicality, AGORA customer support is the central cog on which rests all the mechanics of the chain of customer satisfaction.

Multilingual and multi-skill customer support

Starting at 8AM, Vincent Anfosso, in charge of customer service, starts his day with a chat in Croatian. “I do not speak it, but I’ll do my best to answer in the user’s language.” In many cases like this, English is not an option. Vincent is used to responding in Polish, Swedish and Croatian. “We use our knowledge base and our resources and we always end up finding a solution.”

A multilingual and versatile team of five collaborators whose common point is their ability to get out of their comfort zone. “Curiosity remains the essential element in our business, because we have to know the products and be interested in the needs of each user” underlines Geneviève Brunie, Helpdesk & CRM manager. In fact, on the same day, employees will alternate between solving administrative questions, technical translations, user training and investigating specific technical problems.

Advanced expertise on AGORA products

“Professionals don’t have time to wait for an answer for more than an hour,” said Geneviève Brunie. “The specificity of a B2B customer support lies in the high demands of the users in terms of speed and efficiency of intervention. This is why AGORA did not choose an external chatbot or call center.”We are the entry point for all users of our products, reminds the manager, our mission goes far beyond support, we manage customer service” Manufacturers, wholesalers or technical stations are supported by the team at each product evolution. Currently, trainings for AGORA PLUS V3 are ongoing.

The collaborators thus maintain an advanced level of expertise on all product-related subjects. They capitalize this knowledge in the FAQs available on each portal. “Working within our department reveals talents,” sums up Geneviève Brunie. On a daily basis, Vincent, Martin, Esmeralda and Thomas surround professionals from all walks of life towards a single objective: the satisfaction of the end customer, the consumer.


Find our white paper on customer service management soon.


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