New release – April 2021

Next week a new version of Agora V3 will be released. You will discover new features as well as improvements on existing ones.

AGORA V3 will be updated automatically when it is launched.

New + Improved

User accounts

Addition of a setting allowing the selection of technicians to be displayed in the ‘Technician acceptance’ field in AGORA repair files.

Filter of the repair file

Addition of a search filter by technician
in the filters of the repair file.

Champ technicien dans le filtre du dossier d'intervention

Commercial name in the repair file

Possibility to reset the ‘Reseller commercial name’ field of the repair file.

Champ Ensigne dans le dossier d'intervention

Filtering of warranty reports

Addition of new search fields on consumer information in warranty reports.

Filtre ISG avec informations consommateurs


Full screen display of the documentation

Icone agrandissement image

Product search

Addition of information on the brand and country of the device when this information is provided.

Tableau_avec_les resultats_produits

In the search for parts and accessories, added status and availability information.

Liste de pièces avec la colonne statut et disponibilité

Keyboard shortcuts

Addition of tooltips allowing access to the keyboard shortcuts associated with a function.

Info bulle raccourci clavier F1



Ctrl + F1

Allows you to select the 1st general tab of the home page: ‘Home’.

Ctrl + F2

Selects the 2nd general tab of the homepage:‘Display’

Ctrl + F3

Allows you to select the 3rd general tab of the homepage:‘Help’

Ctrl + W

Closes the active tab

Ctrl + Shift + H

Opens the ribbon bar function of the homepage ‘Help/Online Support’

Ctrl + Shift + F8

Opens the ribbon bar function of the homepage ‘Help/Remote Control’

Ctrl + F5

Refreshes theactive page if the function is available in the active page


Focuses on the search function of the global search


Opens the order preparation


Opens ‘New repair’


Opens ‘Warranty Report’


Opens ‘Refund or Exchange request’


Opens the documentation, set on the search


Allows you to save files

Repair information

Increase in the number of characters in the fields of the repair file and the warranty reports:

– Diagnosis of the breakdown

– Comments

– Symptom of the breakdown

– Detais of the repair

What’s coming in the next releases

Follow-up notifications of repair files.

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