STARSAV: the profession of united repair faced with the crisis

STARSAV, Independent professionals in household appliance repair

The national network of independent STARSAV repairers has mobilized its 70 technical stations to deal with the crisis. Solidarity which made it possible to quickly respond to the difficulties of the members. AGORA, a historic member, manages a large part of this support campaign which aims both to limit the health and economic impact while providing solutions for tomorrow.

Effective crisis management against the risks of the breakdown assistance profession

The repair profession is particularly exposed to risk with dozens of home repairs per day. From the start of the crisis, the STARSAV network mobilized to find a solution to the shortage of masks in France. Members have activated their networks. The result: visors produced by the neighboring companies of the members. Each repairer received free of charge the equipment necessary to perform his work in the best conditions. Mutual aid does not stop at the repair sector and a set of visors has been offered to hospital services. Currently, hundreds of masks are also in production. This mobilization was a major competitiveness challenge. Responsiveness and support are at the heart of network operations.

STARSAV, business benchmark in the repair sector

The network has played a major role in supporting structures by ensuring the implementation of a protocol during repairs. This procedure, based on the results of scientific studies, was shared with GIFAM, which then relayed it to all stakeholders in the sector. In legal terms, STARSAV monitors and transmits all information on support measures to the entire network. In addition, the management of the crisis has brought out new practices among the members who are making the transition to digitalization. Exchange forum, videoconference, tutorials, bonds are strengthening and new projects are taking shape. Following the self-repair workshops and the repair day, the network is preparing to launch a website which will undoubtedly become the new post-crisis reflex of the French …

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