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“ The customers wants e-business services” Koen van der Post Interview

Agoragroup is proud to partner with Tradeplace which is providing a simple and fast way to exchange information between suppliers and retailers.  Koen van der Post, Operations Manager at Tradeplace, share with us some insight of this European collaboration in the After Sales Industry in a two part article. In the first part, Koen van der Post has described the partnership, in this second part he will focus on the international and the future of the industry.


On the international fieldwhat is the main asset of Agoragroup and the software Agoraplus? 

Agora has always had an excellent name in the industry when it comes to after-sales services. Now that we have joined forces in this area, it will give Agora even more the opportunity to capture the attention of European customers and offer Agoraplus and additional services, like their ERP service.

The fact that Agora delivers additional services to our service partners was another important factor in the decision-making process to choose for Agora. After working together for more than two years now, what is noticeable is that there is a very strong customer focus and knowledge about customer and legal requirements throughout Europe.

Secondly, the company is highly technical and professional with highly-skilled staff that are knowledgeable and work with the customer in mind. For former Tradeplace after sales customers, the switch from a browser-based service to Agoraplus, an app-based service, was something they had to get used to but the professional approach Agora provided after the transition period made sure that the vast majority are continuing to rely on the after-sales service now being provided by Agora. The advantage here being that Agora has a sole focus on this service which, especially going forward, will provide many benefits for after-sales customers.  


In your point of viewwhat is the future of the industry 

As mentioned above, our company structures are very similar with both parties now focusing on what they do best. This also leaves room for both our companies to collaborate more closely together and where we should see benefits for everyone involved in the near future.

Ultimately, everything evolves around the customer, for both companies this is their number one priority. If we can cross-pollinate services to customers, it is in everyone’s interest, and for this to happen there is a high level of trust between Agora and TradeplaceAs both companies are ‘powered-by’ manufacturers in the whitegoods– and consumer electronics industries we do realise we take a unique position where we are obliged to provide outstanding services to our customersThe total industry is still relatively fragmented so it would make business sense that we see more collaboration going forward, customers want proper standardization, interconnecting systems and easily accessible e-business servicesbelieve Agora and Tradeplace offer these services plus great customer satisfaction! 


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