lockdown repair

The repair sector remains mobilized

From the first wave of COVID-19, AgoraGroup has joined forces with repairers to monitor the situation and implement protective measures.. Following on from the action plan launched in March, we will ensure our leading role for the entire householdappliance repair sector.


Supporting the technical stations in dealing with the risks of the repair business

Every day, repairers travel hundreds of kilometers to help dozens of homes. A real riskfor the technicians. From the first wave of COVID-19, AgoraGroup joined forces with STARSAV, the network of independent authorized repairers to deploy protection solutions.

We have learned the lessons of the first crisis and today the system is already activated” explains Emmanuel Benoit, CEO ofAgoraGroup Repairers can find the entire procedure to be applied in video.” Indeed, three videos are available on the site AgoraPlus :


Declaration of honor to protect the repair interventions

We have made available to repairers a certificate of honor to be sent to the consumer prior to an intervention. By dematerializing the certificates we facilitate the daily life of repairers and above all we guarantee their safety as well as that of all consumers emphasizes Emmanuel Benoit. This certificate is free, transparent and available for warranty files on AgoraPlusand non-warranty files on Ago s erve.

Find all the information on the support page.


A monitoring page for the status of technical stations

AgoraGroup centralizes all of its data to make it public and accessible, particularly with the technical documentation downloads tracking page. This tool indicates by region, throughout France, the activity of technical stations, it was set up in March 2020 to monitor the evolution of the crisis. The conditions of the lockdown are different since theactivity is maintained. We will be able to avoid the demand shock caused by the first lockdown. (read the interview with Emmanuel Benoit) We are better prepared to manage this new crisis, concludes Emmanuel Benoit, the French need the repair business . ! “

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