FSM reparation

How to manage your repair activity with a Field Service Management?

Millions of appliances of different brands are repaired every day all over the world, mostly by independent companies. The consumer, on the other hand, wants a smooth and standardised experience, like purchasing online. From now on, the challenge for after-sales service is to connect the entire chain of repair stakeholders in a fluid and digital way. On Agoraplus since 1997, technicians could receive technical documentation by minitel (see our article ). In 2012 ( see article on APIs) the first web service was created. Today, FSM (Field Service Management) is an essential feature of our Agoraplus solution. Dedicated to repair, the challenge is to offer the best of technology while maintaining the proximity of the business.


Better management for repair technicians

The repair technicians carry out up to 8 repairs per day. Each repair of household appliances requires an intervention report, possibly the edition of an estimate and the ordering of spare parts. How do you manage this activity while on the road? How can we bring transparency to customers and consumers? This is the role of FSM (Field Service Management), a growing market that would grow from $3 billion to $5 billion over the next 5 years according to MarksandMarket. This growth, driven by large companies, is based on the positive effects on productivity, up to 40% additional responsiveness and 30% cost reduction. The major clients therefore expect independent repairers to join the movement.

A FSM dedicated to repair

Unlike most other sectors, repair requires connecting multiple manufacturers, technical stations, wholesalers and distributors. Stakeholders of different sizes with different infrastructures and digital practices. This is the expertise of Agoraplus. The challenge for us was to create a business FSM that would manage all the data flows and information from the field, from the notification of a breakdown to the invoicing of a closed file. Our historical system, called mandatingand launched in 2012, has become, as the market evolves, a platform open to all stakeholders in the repair of small and large household appliances.

Interconnected solutions for technical stations

It is essential to enable the best technological management for all stakeholders in the after-sales service chain. This is why our FSM is connected to many technical station after-sales softwares. To further advance this integration, we created Agoserve, an after-sales service management software designed to fully manage a station’s repair activity. Today, it is the only French solution of this type in the cloud. Other stakeholders will undoubtedly emerge in the coming years and we are already ready to welcome them thanks to our API portal, which also allows a high degree of connectivity of our solutions.

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